I teach in English and Polish.

Live At Pompeii. 2019

I teach computer programming, databases, operating systems and project management (using agile methodologies). I focus on communicating and explaining things clearly, getting to know the tools and having fun while tackling advanced ideas based on real world scenarios.

During my professional career I took part in small and big projects spanning wide range of industries, the projects being both, local and international efforts.
I worked for small companies and big corporations.
I quit my daily job in order to share my knowledge and experience and to rediscover the interesting bits and aspects of programming and IT in general.

How does this work?

I teach both, the basics and advanced topics.
I enjoy explaining interesting concepts and helping people to get a deeper insight and broaden their skills.
My prices are negotiable, depending on the set of technologies, skills and the number of lessons.

I use online tools for communication and group work, screen and code sharing.

I can also help in getting your project off the ground, organizing your work or team, designing architectural solutions and implementations.


I can also help you with project implementation and research.
Some examples of topics and projects I discussed/implemented with my students:
  • simulating information propagation in networks (graphs, etc.)
  • 3D scanning post-processing (measuring the runout of a sphere)
  • scrapers and crawlers
  • database, concepts, languages, ddl, dml
  • production/warehouse management system
  • server configuration and task automation
  • etc.


The brief list of areas and technologies of my interest and expertise:
  • Python, C/C++, oop, algorithmics, sh, bash, git
  • databases, SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • amqp/distributed/microservices
  • docker, vps, vm
  • web development, back-end/front-end
  • data science, analytics (programming side)
  • operating systems (Linux/Unix) - overall design, architecture, administration and usage
  • server administration, services, configurations, operations, automation
  • networking
  • graphs, etc.
  • project management (Agile/Scrum), tools


You can access my resume here.
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