Sat, 2020-12-12

TEXT is correct.

Naming things is hard.

Today I decided to update this website. I was primarily changing colors in the CSS file. I'm using SCSS here, so I had some variables already defined in order to keep things consistent. One of the variables was called $dark. It defined the default text color. I needed the opposite so at first I changed it to $light.

However, having realized it would be better to refer to the semantics of the document itself, I decided to change it back. Messing around on the way - going for "query replace" (M-%) - by accident - I hit M-$ in Emacs instead. This runs the command ispell-word which I configured some time ago and simply FORGOT about it! Wow, ~20y of Emacs and I wasn't using spellcheckers! I was amazed, I have ispell in Emacs!

Anyway - I came up with a new name for this variable. A name so simple, so direct... I concluded that I should name this variable simply: $text. A quick "query replace" would do - but, again by accident - I hit M-$ instead of M-%. At this point Emacs simply confirmed my conclusion and displayed: TEXT is correct.